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Spatial Biology for Drug Development - What’s It About?

The inaugural Spatial Biology for Drug Development Summit explored the transformative potential of spatial biology in drug research and beyond. Attendees discovered the new cutting-edge proteomic and transcriptomic spatial technologies that will continue to revolutionize our understanding of the tumor microenvironment and cell interactions, opening doors to enhanced clinical trials, biomarker discovery, and improved drug development.

Led by renowned experts in oncology, neurology, and more, this summit provided practical guidance on leveraging spatial biology for portfolio priorities. Attendees could collaborate with industry leaders, establish standardized methods, and delve into the transition from 2D to 3D cell culture, and gained invaluable insights to propel their research forward.

2023 Attendees could:

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Understand the most exciting current applications of spatial in drug development are turning theory into practical reality with exclusive case studies from Eli Lilly, Gilead & Merck

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Explore multi-omics approaches in immune excluded tumours to facilitate  strategies for treatment selection with Parthenon Therapeutics

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Utilize spatial transcriptomics for target identification and therapeutic strategies for cancer treatment with Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Overcome challenges in Spatial Data analysis and interpretation by integrating the multiplex of data generated with Immunitas

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Attain high quality samples while overcoming heterogeneity, comparability, and pre-analytical challenges with Eli Lilly

Who Attended?

The 2023 Spatial Biology for Drug Discovery Summit, provided the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of professionals from top biopharma and technology providers. This included scientists specializing in spatial and translational research, pathology, neurology, cell therapy, biomarkers, and genomics. Attendees could meet experts in transcriptomics, digital pathology, oncology, computational biology, data analysis, precision medicine, companion diagnostics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, technology innovation, bioinformatics, target discovery, single cell analysis, and disease evolution.

What Your Peers Have To Say:

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“Impressive speakers and topics covered. Great opportunity to connect with colleagues and collaborators”

Maria Wang, Senior Principal Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb

"Engaging in a discussion filled with honest insights, where leaders in the field boldly speak up about true issues and potential solutions, was truly enjoyable.”

Meilan He, Senior Scientist, Pfizer

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"I thoroughly enjoyed this conference as it focused specifically on Spatial Biology, providing in-depth knowledge on the subject. The amount of learning opportunities available was exceptional, and the networking experience surpassed my expectations”

Carmen Ballesteros-Merino, Senior Principal Scientist, BMS

“This was one of the most interactive conferences that I have attended. I loved the audience contributions and the think tank atmosphere”

Sandy Wiley, Senior Scientist & Director - Translational Science & Medical, MEI Pharma

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